Nov 27 – Ladies Night Out: One Stop Holiday Shop


On Thursday November 27, 2014, we will hold an exciting community event from 5 – 9 pm.  This event is hosted by our Birchview Dunes E.S. School Council.  At this Vendor’s Fair we will host our families and community members in our school gym and/or corridors.  They will have the opportunity to browse through displays provided by our many partners, purchase items and services, and enjoy some holiday celebration.

Funds raised from this event will be used towards updating our library for our students and technology.

Click here for the flyer – BirchviewFLyerXmas

Daily Announcements

Wednesday November 26, 2014

  • Today is Waste Free Wednesday. Did you remember to eliminate garbage and recycling from your lunch today? Whose class will win the trophies this week? Stay tuned tomorrow for the results. Eco Team Projects crew please come to Mr. Pinkerton’s class following announcements.
  •  Please note that Youth Club for tomorrow after school is cancelled this week.
  • ​Congratulations to the intermediate girls basketball team. Last night they played Worsley and St. Mary’s at their at home mini tournament. The girls won both games continuing their undefeated winning streak so far this season. A special thank you to Tristen S. for being our score keeper for all home games and giving up her time after school to do so. We wish the girls well next Tuesday at CCI where they will finish their season at the area tournament. Good luck girls.
  •  All participants in the flash mob please report to the office sick room right after this bell to receive your permission form.
  • For any students who plan to ride the Birchview float in the Santa Claus parade this Saturday are asked to dress up as a community service member, for example-a doctor, a nurse, a fireman, a policeman, a teacher with their warm clothing underneath.

Daily Announcements

Tuesday November 25, 2014

  • Tomorrow is Waste Free Wednesday. Earn spirit points, win a trophy for your class, and help our environment at the same time by only using reusable containers for your lunch. So, get packing Birchview. Good luck!
  •  This is a reminder for all Birchview Knitting Club members that there is a meeting in the library today at 12:55pm.  Don’t forget to bring a tidy lunch that won’t leave a mess and your knitting notes folders.
  •  There is a flash mob meeting at first break today in the gym.  Anyone who signed up for this fun filled event, please be sure to attend – it is imperative and bring your lunch!
  •  ​The Intermediate girls basketball team plays in their final mini-tournament tonight at Birchview before heading to the area tournament at CCI next Tuesday. We wish them well. Also a big thank you to the second run bus students for lining up in the halls tonight to allow our mini tournament to begin as soon as possible.
  •  Please remember that photo retake orders are due tomorrow.

Daily Announcements

Monday November 24, 2014

  • Last call for unwanted cell phones. Bring them to Mr. PInkerton in portable 698 today or early tomorrow and get your spirit points. Keep bringing in those batteries. Let’s keep these toxic items out of our natural ecosystems.
  • Any students in grades 4-8 who are interested in earning spirit points by helping out at the recycling depots should come to Mr. Pinkerton’s portable following announcements today to sign up.
  • There will be an Eco Team Executive meeting on Thursday, Day 4, first break in the library.
  • The class pictures that were handed out to teachers last week are due today.  If you have not send your class picture to the office please do so now.
  • The classroom baskets for Ladies Night Out will be collected tomorrow, please be sure to have them ready tomorrow morning.
  • There will be a flash mob meeting at first break in the gym today and tomorrow.  Please be prepared to attend both meetings.

Daily Announcements

Friday November 21, 2014

  • ​The intermediate girls basketball team played in their second mini tournament of the season last night at Connaught. The girls played two games, and did a great job of passing, shooting, defending and rebounding! In their first game against Mountain View the girls did a great job adjusting to new positions, as we had some last minute changes to our line ups. In their second and very close game against Connaught, the girls did an amazing job of working together to pull out a win with a 4 point spread!!  Thank you to Mr. Osborn for arranging rides and making sure everyone got home safely.  The girls next game is in a mini tournament here at Birchview, next Tuesday after school.

Daily Announcements

Thursday November 20, 2014

  • A reminder to those students who have signed up for youth club to meet in the gym after school today.
  •  Tomorrow is the last day to recycle an old cell phone, bluetooth device or pager. Leave the batteries inside the camera and put it in the blue box near the office. Tell Mr. Pinkerton in order to claim you spirit points, 1 point for each phone.
  •  Mr. Pinkerton is looking for more recyclers to work at the depots at 1:35. Shifts are available for December, through until June. Our recycler’s and custodian’s hard work and respect for the earth deserves a giant THANK YOU from everyone in the school. Be sure to thank them when you have a chance. Come to Mr. Pinkerton’s portable 698 anytime to sign up.   Any EcoTeam members who would like to shut down computers at the end of the day, every day, please come see Mr. Pinkerton, anytime.  Teachers, please make sure your devices are turned off when not in use. Thanks.
  •  ​The Intermediate girls basketball team played in their first basketball tournament Tuesday night here at our school. The girls played well in their two games against Worsley. As a team, the girls worked hard on offense to score baskets through lay-ups, shots and off of rebounds. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Carson who refereed both of the games! Congratulations girls on a successful start to your season. The girls will compete at Connaught tonight in their second mini tournament of the year. Good luck girls!

Buses cancelled Wed. Nov 19

**Wednesday November 19, 2014**

All school buses and vans in the Central, North and West Weather Zones have been cancelled due to current road conditions and the inability to access bus stops for the morning runs.

Schools remain open for student learning.

Daily Announcements

Tuesday November 18, 2014

  • Tomorrow is Waste Free Wednesday. Earn spirit points, win a trophy for your class, and help our environment at the same time by only using reusable containers for your lunch. So, get packing Birchview. Good luck!
  • ​​The Intermediate girls’ basketball team has a practice at last recess and then a mini tournament after school against Worsley and Byng. We wish them well during their first home tournament this season. Thank you to the second bus run for lining up in the halls so that we can set the gym up for the mini tournament and to Mr. Carson for refereeing. Good luck girls.
  •  Have you ever seen a video of a flash mob?  It is when regular people are just hanging around and then all of a sudden there are people dancing all around them…. It is so much fun!  This year, at the Wasaga Beach Santa Clause Parade, our school council is planning a flash mob to go along with our float.  We need students who are interested in being a part of this.  If you would like to be a part of the Birchview Flash Mob and are available to come to the Santa Clause Parade on November 29, please meet Mrs. Pyatt in the gym at 2nd break on Thursday.  By participating, you will earn spirit points and we all know the Waka Waka dance, so what are you waiting for!
  •  Attention Birchview Dunes knitting club – today marks our first meeting in the library at 12:55 pm.  Please remember to bring your lunch and your knitting supplies if you have brought your own.

Inclement Weather Reminder

Please click on the School Bus Info link on the right side of the school’s website to link to the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium website for an update on busing.  All efforts are made to post cancellations between 6:00 AM and 6:30 AM.  The local radio stations are also a good source of information regarding the busing status.

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